2021-2022 General Club Officers


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Doris Short
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Linda Black
1st Vice President
Cheryl Pauley
3rd Vice President
Joy Read
Corresponding Secretary
Melinda Underwood
Recording Secretary
Linda Smith
2nd Vice President
Karen English
Robin Harlan
Building and Grounds

Board of Governors 

Barbara Edwards
Carolyn Jolly
Peggy Martin
Johnette Tingley

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One-Year Directors

Loesje Blumberg

Cissy Conley

Laura Lace

Barbara Strange

Johnette Tingley

Two-Year  Directors

Cynthia Berend

Dana Bishop

Mary Jo Cook

Carolyn Jolly

Clarissa Smith

officers and committees proof 4-03_edited.jpg


34th President 


Arlington Woman’s Club 

After a year of pandemic measures that changed all our lives, it is time to reflect and focus on our many blessings. When I thought of my theme for this year, Friends are Better Together, I know that we here at Arlington Woman’s Club are all better together. Friendship is a special gift that is best shared. Our members share a common commitment to our members and our community that brings us joy and enrichment of our lives and those of others. 

This next year I want our members to focus on a positive and productive year. The women of our club are an example of resilience, determination, generosity, fun, and strength. Friendship, kindness, and faith abound in our members, and it is evident in all activities. Our members are fully committed to provide scholarship opportunities to our young scholars and better the lives of many in our community. 

I encourage all our members to come, get involved and be inspired by the enthusiasm and excitement that happens when friends join to create an atmosphere of inclusion and service. Arlington Woman’s Club provides us with many opportunities to grow, develop friendships and create lasting memories. Let us use this year to reconnect and celebrate with friends, using our time and talent to help others while making our wonderful club stronger.