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2023-2024 Executive Board 

linda black crop.jpg

Linda Black, President

2023 board.jpeg

AWC Executive Board Officers

Front Row: 1st Vice President, Linda Smith; President, Linda Black; 2nd Vice President, Cynthia Berend

Back Row: 3rd Vice President, Karen English; Secretary, Patti Bryant; Treasurer, Lee Ann Harmon; Building & Grounds, Laurie Tittle; Corresponding Secretary, Gayle Krengel 

standing committee.JPG

Standing Committee Chairmen

Front Row: Joy McKee, Jan Taborsky, Jackie Hutson, Elouise Perry, Leslie Storey, Carolyn Jolley

Back Row: Peggy Martin, Meg Anderson, Kay Hale, Donna Tucker, Dana Bishop, Terri Sisson, Donna Reinsch 

Not Present:  Jane Buehler, Sally Cabanski, Vicki Dixon, Donyce Parish, Vicki Scully



Front Row: Glynda Reames, Cheryl Illingworth, Pat Rohloff, Barbara Castano

Back Row: Karen Ellen Anderson, Sandra Greenwood, Barbara Edwards, Polly Walton, Sandy Tribble

Not Present: Nancy Stalmach

2023 dept officers.JPG

Department Chairmen

Front Row: Pat Trementozzi, Jan Taborsky, Sue Wallace, Phyllis Staton, Leslie Storey, Linda Lummus

Back Row: Joy McKee, Lynn Binion, Betty Hudgins, Wilma Hill, Kay Biggs, Barbara Wadley,

Lewayne Putman  

 Not Present: Jane Buehler, Debra Hood, Sandra Reams

board gov.JPG

Board of Govenors

Front Row: Sue Wallace, Linda Black, Pat Rohloff

Back Row: Polly Walton & Leslie Storey 

 Linda Black 

36th President 


Arlington Woman’s Club 

As I begin my presidency, I am looking forward to getting to know each of you better as we work together to improve the community through our philanthropic projects and learn new things through our department and General Meeting programs. I hope you will join me as we all put forth the effort to be the best role model as we represent the Arlington Woman’s Club in our words and deeds in the community.

My theme this year is “Spreading Seeds of Kindness” as you will see many kind thoughts represented in this yearbook. I want all of us to use kind words when we are talking to each other even when we don’t agree. Let’s try to be helpful, compassionate, caring, positive, kind, friendly, considerate, encouraging, and supportive. As I shared at my installation a quote from Bob Goff from his book Live in Grace, Walk in Love he says “It will be our kindness, not our qualifications, that outlast us.” May each of the ladies in our club illuminate kindness that they are remembered for the positive way they helped another not that they were a certain officer.

Thank you for giving me the BIG honor of being your president. I will do my best to be a good leader and role model. Try to join something new this year and meet some new ladies. As you flip through this yearbook, you will see all the awesome programs the departments are providing for you to grow. Come and participate! We also have great General Meetings planned and a wonderful Christmas event. I encourage you to come to a New Member Orientation with someone you think would enjoy being a part of us. As we spread our seeds of kindness, you just don’t know how our club will grow! I cannot wait to see you and I hope you are anxious to start another year!

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